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What is an estate?

  An estate is a 

particular state, period or 

condition in life.  

The handling of estates for you is our specialty. 


Rural Locations

Rural Locations

Rural Locations


We love our country homes but change comes and we need to say goodbye. We help you open the door to a new beginning or close a well read chapter.

Family Homes

Rural Locations

Rural Locations


It may be in that  house we spent time just living our lives. With time comes change, and we help you make transition as comfortable  as possible.

Large Estates

Commercial Sites

Commercial Sites


Worried about a larger home or property? Fear not for we specialize in larger furnished or inventoried residential and commercial locations.

Commercial Sites

Commercial Sites

Commercial Sites


Often commercial properties can be left replete with extensive contents needing  financial 

resolve so all parties benefit. 

We make that happen.


Why sell an estate?


Frequently unexpected and  unplanned, we find the need to change our home or work situation perhaps due to retirement, downsizing, relocation or family changes after the passing of a relative. 

Such downsizing and reorganization of a person’s estate includes taking inventory, assessing potential value, preparation of sale location, staffing of planned events and successful execution of advertised and marketed sales to achieve desired objectives. 


From small to large, conservative to grandiose, we specialize in making the effective preparation, marketing and execution of your estate successful for all parties involved.

A Red Dot says your goods and inventory are labeled as successfully exchanged for welcome income

Red Dot labels have long been used in sales, auctions and galleries to show an item has been sold. 

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